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10 cities transformed from the bottom into the most desirable places to live!

These cities over the years have managed to transform from “bottom” to become cities that everyone wants to visit and even to stay to live in them.

Buffalo, USA


As the Americans say, those who today, after five years returned to Buffalo, experiencing shock. From ugly duckling, the city grew into a lovely swan, opened new hotels, trendy restaurants and renovated all the old buildings.

The famous architect Frank Lloyd left a serious scar here so visitors enjoy the view of the buildings that he designed. Here are the most popular eating chicken wings, the city offers cheap beer and simply turned them into a true gastronomic center where you can try any food.

Liverpool, UK


The city that is known for one of the most popular bands of all time – The Beatles often in the past been criticized for being town with nothing to offer, nothing to do or what to see. The city is described as a sad place with a great seaport.

Today, however, Liverpool’s city of culture, a place where you will find the works of Britain’s most famous artists then London. Museums Liverpool Tate and Walker Art Gallery are places worth a visit, and certainly not to be missed nor the Beatles museum. There is also a unique bus line called the Magical Mystery Tour which will take you to places associated with John, Paul, George and Ringo in the city.



This city in the last decades of the “ordinary industrial city” has turned into something quite different. Ultimately, the city is home to Andy WARHOLA man who is credited with pop – art.

In the last period in the city were open a number of new hotels, and like the buffalo, the city has grown into a large gastronomic center.

Cartagena, Colombia


Forget all the bad things that you have heard about Colombia, and now try to forget and some unpleasant scenes from the series “Narkos.” Cartagena is now a real tourist center, and is best illustrated the fact that this city in South America they call “less insane Rio.”

Long sandy beaches, bars of music that echoed and salsa at every step in combination with old colonial buildings that are painted in “happy” colors attract huge numbers of visitors and many Colombians have been moving in this city. If you add the kind hosts, great vacation is guaranteed.

Hamilton, Canada


This city in Ontario is often called “North Brooklyn” and of course, the world capital of waterfalls. Was once an industrial city, thanks to the proximity of Toronto, began to develop as a pleasant place to live. Today this city has hipster bars, many art galleries and various boutiques.



Detroit, the city of the auto industry a few years ago was a complete collapse. Citizens mass expulsions, the financial crisis led to the closure of thousands of jobs, and the city has become a dangerous and undesirable place to live.

However, today in the city are opened numerous new businesses. US authorities in an effort to revive the city invest in infrastructure, build a huge sports hall for hockey, build bike paths. Therefore, many believe that Detroit finally started to make a comeback.

Marseille, France


Earlier, someone who spent this city with a large port never thought to stop. Marseille beat bad reputation as a city that is heavily polluted, dirty and very dangerous. Today, however, Marseille turned into a real “prince.”

Places where they usually gather local bands today has been turned into a wonderful place where open numerous cafes, street stalls and entertainment is back in town. Open a museum of regional history, and there is a Beaux Art Museum where you can find glorious works of Rubens and other European masters. Gastronomic scene is extremely rich, and the city boasts five restaurants that have “Michelin stars.”

Ljubljana, Slovenia


The capital of Slovenia was really magical city, especially the old part of the city or downtown area. These cars have limited access, greenery is all around, and the prices are acceptable, so here you will feel like home.

Seoul, South Korea


Not long ago, Seoul was a city that was not interesting for tourists, nor a place to live. Today Seoul has turned into a real technological center of the world in which everyday popping luxury hotels. City transport is well organized, the parks are beautiful and worth visiting and Changdeokgung temple was built in the 13th century and is protected by UNESCO.

Although the city now has about 10 million, many believe Seoul is a city where you can easily find a place for relaxation.

Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne is somehow in the background whenever you mention Australia, because first of all the memory that will fall is Sydney. However, it is a really beautiful city of the world stores often shrines on the list with the most beautiful places to live.

Major shopping centers, beautiful beaches and magical parks of which enjoy a view of the ocean. The city is also rich industrial center, people earn excellent wages and are among the happiest people in the world.

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