Meet the “land of fire” that lays on incredible wealth!

The language has many dialects, but has two main divisions – north and south Azerbaijani.

The world is huge and certainly under-explored. And while you know a lot about England, France, Germany and similar countries, with those less familiar you are not so familiar, and therefore we present you the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan through 10 interesting facts.


1. In faraway 1879, Nobel brothers, creators of the eponymous award, established in the state oil company and therefore had the greatest treasure.

2. Garry Kasparov, the most famous and according to many as the best chess player of all time was born in the capital Baku.

3. It is believed that Zoroaster, the founder of Zoroastrianism was born in Azerbaijan.

Baku Panorama

4. Azerbaijan is often called the “Land of Fire”, probably due to large stocks of oil on which it is located.

5. Baku was an important destination on the Silk Road, which connected the trade between China and Europe.


6. Ottoman Empire, Persia and Russia throughout history fought for supremacy over this country.

7. Azerbaijan was the first Muslim country that existed opera and theater.


8. Language has very many dialects, but has two main divisions – north and south Azerbaijani.

9. Until the 18th century, the largest number in the country belonged to the Christian religion, and later converted to Islam.

10. The country is officially called the Republic of Azerbaijan.


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