The neglected European Capital which is becoming a world metropolis of nightlife

Among the passengers for some time spread nickname ‘Partyslava’ the metropolis of Slovakia, because of the rich nightlife and decent prices.

The Slovak capital is always somehow in the shadow of the big and famous neighbors, but it can pass very high quality, for example on the weekend. All its glory take bigger and nicer Vienna and Prague, but not the capital of Slovakia is an understatement!


Maybe is not a big and lavish as neighbors countries, however, enough beautiful and interesting and worth a visit. In addition we give you some tips on how to best use of your time there when you’re not a crazy night of fun, because Bratislava is a fantastic city-week escape from reality and to charge the batteries.

Adventure of kayaking


For such things usually you have to go outdoors, but here it is not the case. Sports complex “Divoka Voda” is situated where the Danube is the widest in the southern district Chunovo. Here you can take a kayak and taste is like this adrenaline sport, and the only requirements are to have enough strength and stamina and of course, you know how to swim.

Visit the Guggenheim Museum


Unfortunately, the real Guggenheim will have to go to New York, but here is certainly worth visiting the gallery Nedbalka whose interior reminiscent of the aforementioned famous New York museum.

Sailing to castle Devin


Star over a thousand years, this castle is one of the symbols of Slovak turbulent past. Unfortunately, the castle collapsed still army of Napoleon, so it will actually go to visit the ruins, but keep in mind that since there are great views of the rivers Danube and Morava.

Visit the green oasis


If you go to Bratislava, obliged to visit the “Iron Studienka” (iron source) – one of the most beautiful places to relax. People once thought that the water here is rich in iron and minerals, so therefore it was named, but after analysis, it was found that it is plain water. Families with children, recreational cyclists – all adore this place.

For sure, Bratislava offers many squares, bars and restaurants, but it certainly will not find in any tourist guide, as these things could you pass under the radar.

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