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25 Cities That You Must Visit in Life

13. Florence, Italy – Renaissance town where all museums, galleries, cathedrals, churches and shops that will literally breathtaking.


12. New York, USA – Regardless of whether you view the huge skyscrapers, walk the streets of Central Park or thinking where to taste the most delicious pizza, New York has to offer.


11. Berlin, Germany – timeless classic that you must visit. Required explore the underground if you want to find nightlife that never stops.


10. Shanghai, China – mix of modern Chinese culture and creates a separate entity in Shanghai, complemented by warm hospitality and unusual locales.


9. Siem Reap, Cambodia – Although it is a relatively new tourist destination, here are the major temples and religious monuments in the world. Ideal relaxation of the crowd and urban lifestyle.


8. Hanoi, Vietnam – The city that offers a fantastic blend of traditional Vietnamese culture and French lifestyle.


7. Paris, France – Another romantic classics whose magic is worth to experience. Just a week is sufficient to soak up the Parisian lifestyle, taste, fashion…


6. Marrakech, Morocco – The colorful bazaars and traditional palaces are what first attract tourists worldwide, where literally in the air will feel the Moroccan way of life.


5. Prague, Czech Republic – With perfect balance between old and modern beauty, Prague is one of the major political, cultural and economic centers in Europe.


4. Beijing, China – The old history more than 3,000 years, this city is home to the most important monuments in China, including the Great Wall of China.


3. London, England – In it you will find art, food and entertainment from all over the world, with over 300 different languages spoken here.


2. Rome, Italy – Modern art and street cafes are his main characteristics that mark many hundreds of years, and therefore are worth the experience.


1. Istanbul, Turkey – City known for its ancient architecture, delicious food, strong black coffee and colorful markets. Luxury Turkish baths again are perfect ending of this wonderful journey.


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